Is pureed blueberry/strawberry in drinks ok?

Shalom Rav,

I was wondering if we find pureed blueberry or strawberry- or any other fruit/veggie that we know can contain bugs- as an ingredient in a drink or food if that is a problem.


Thats OK

Can you puree yourself?

Yes, so long as you have not seen any actual bugs in the fruits or vegetables.

See details here:

What about frozen berrys?

What about them?

If you’re asking if you can puree them if you didn’t see any bugs then the answer is yes.

Do I have to look to see if I see bugs, or can I just pour out of the package, for example, into a blender?

You don’t have to check. You can just pour into the blender.

But if you happen to see a bug then you cannot blend it.

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The whole bugs thing is very confusing. The OU has a whole manual (oddly, available for purchase only) on checking fruits and vegetables, and it has some articles in the back from r belsky and r shachter on things like miuyt hamatzoi and what washing does. The psak here seems unecessarily conservative, for instance, concerned about dill as an ingredient. Does the rav have some treatment of this issue?

What do you mean by treatment