Is this bed "kosher"?

We recently purchased a SleepNumber bed. It turns out that this bed monitors your sleep patterns, heart beat and breathing rates.

Is is OK to use such a bed on Shabbat?

I assume that youโ€™re referring to the Sleep IQ Technology. The bed itself stays on the settings that you put it in advance. The Sleep IQ Technology tracks how you have been sleeping.
The bed is ok to use. You cannot adjust the bed on Shabbat. You should not check your sleep history on Shabbat.
It would be similar to using a refrigerator or a thermostat for your heat. Even though when you open the door it affects things, but it is not a direct action, (and itโ€™s a pesik raisha delo nicha ley). Additionally it is somewhat like walking around the house with a decent alarm system, or in a public place with cameras and motion sensors.
Ultimately it is ok to sleep in this bed. Please put the gadgets away till after Shabbat.

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Yes, SleepIQ is the one.

Alarm system? You mean Iโ€™ve been covering my motion sensors before shabbat for no reason?


Lol. I guess so.

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Why are you saying that it is a ืคืกื™ืง ืจื™ืฉื™ื” ื“ืœื ื ื™ื—ื ืœื™ื”? You want the changes that you are causing concerning your sleep patterns to happen?
Thank you!

All you want is for the bed to tell you what is happening during your sleep. No specific actions you are doing are intentional.