Is this bread kosher?

Thank you!

Marty Blumenthal

I’m afraid I don’t see any picture??

I originally attached the URL. I have attached the picture instead. Sorry. Also, if it’s kosher what bracha is said? Thanks again.



A shainem dank!

I believe it was on another site, that a comment was made by one of the rabbis that most if not all breads done in US commercial bakeries are kosher. Does that still stand?

The statement “all bread manufactured in the US is kosher” is false. That most bread manufactured in the US is kosher, is probably true. But since not all bread is kosher you would be required to do your research before purchasing any breads.

After I retired, I worked in a deli/bakery of a large supermarket. The bakery had their own ovens. The breads were par-baked and came from a bakery, which operates under O-U supervision. We received the products in frozen form and baked them on a daily basis. The O-U was visible on the boxes the products came in, but those boxes were always in the freezer and not visible to customers. The ovens only baked breads, rolls and cakes, but no meat. Could I assume that these breads are kosher?

In the scenario you describe, Yes the bread would be kosher.