Is this roe salad kosher?

it used to have a kof K all the fish listed are kosher

Taramosalata (krinos), 14oz - Greek Style Caviar Spread

Presently we are not approving
Any fish product without a reliable hechsher.

You can check again in 30 days for any possible changes.

Any changes?

No good.

This product has Ling Roe. Ling may be a non-kosher fish. See below from the CRC and OU:

Yet another is “Ling” which could refer to 6 different species of fish (See most of which are in fact kosher. However, when the OU examined a sample of one of these “Ling” fish whose Latin name is Lota Lota (also called Burbot, Freshwater Cod, Eelpout, Lawyer and other names) we found it to be not kosher.