Israelis in Chutz L'aretz on yom tov sheini


A few questions came up over yom tov at a pesach hotel. Ten Israeli’s wanted to make a minyan on yom tov sheini,

(1) on the first days, can they have their own minyan, with or without tefillin?

(2) this past year, on the first days, should they do a regular havdalah, with besamim?

(3) On the second days, which fell out on shabbos, whether they can make a shabbos minyan in order to lein parshas shemini and daven shabbos davening?

(3) On the last day, An Israeli was offered a beer by a non-jewish employee and he wanted to know if he can drink it in his room, privately?


  1. They can make their own minyan. Israelis don’t wear tefillin on Chol Hamoed.

  2. Regular Havdalah

  3. They should make their own Minyan and Lein Parshas Shemini

  4. Israelis cannot eat Chametz on the last day of Yom Tov in Chutz Laaretz. Even privately.