Jacuzzi as Mikveh

A friend has a jacuzzi, built into the floor. It is much more than 40 seah. My assumption is that it is a kosher mikveh. My question is, if it is filled from the home hot water boiler, would that, being a kli, invalidate the mikveh, or, as it is mechubar (attached to the house), not be considered a kli?

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Your assumption that a Jacuzzi can be used as a kosher mikva is incorrect.

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I know the Rav allows a swimming pool. Why is this different?

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It’s not different. There may be very specific scenarios in which a swimming pool or jacuzzi may be used as a mikva. Your assumption that pools and jacuzzis are kosher for a mikva is absolutely incorrect.

It needs to be 40 Sa’ah.

A person needs to be able to be completely immersed in water at one time.

According to the Nodeh Beyehuda, it needs to be the kind made specifically as a built-in. (Not just taking a tub and building it in). Not everyone agrees to this tho.

The water should come through the built-in faucet ideally. At least the initial 40 sa’ah.

Just to be 100% clear.
One would need to empty the jacuzzi completely. Then fill it as above.

Then maybe it would be OK to use a Jacuzzi as a mikva.

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The Jacuzzi under discussion is much more than 49 seah. It is built in. Could you deal with the issue of the home water heater? Thank you!

The hot water heater isn’t the problem. That’s attached to the ground. If it isn’t, that would be dangerous.

Hazakim U’Beruchim!

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Is this reference to men or women?


Just to clarify please correct me if I’m wrong So a women can use a swimming pool as a mikveh?

No, there is no blanket rule that a swimming pool can be used as a mikva. Most times a swimming pool is not kosher as a mikva though there are times that a swimming pool can be used as a mikva. It depends on several factors.

Each person would have to ask their specific scenario and provide specific details in order to determine the halachah.


I have often wondered whether I can avail myself of the idea of ‘going to the mikweh’ before tefillah at the gym’s jacuzzi as a mikwah (I am male). It is clean, purpose-built, well over 40 seah. There is also a large swimming pool there.

Do either or both of these work as a male mikwa in the sense that? There is the idea I heard of 9 kavim of continuous water working to avail one of the idea of being tovel before tefilla, (e.g. a shower over all the body). Is this similar to the swimming pool / jacuzzi? (No rainwater is present at all in either).

I’m unclear how the same loopholes could be used for a woman going to mikwa where it is a de’oreitha commandment with strict requirements…

If you’re looking to use it for a male Mikvah, either the pool or large enough jacuzzi is fine.

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Yes that is correct, but that’s not relevant nowadays except for a Ger

This would only be true if the reason that a man needed a מקוה was only דרבנן, like trying to fulfill תקנת עזרא, but if a man needed to purify himself מדאורייתא, then would it not be the same דין as a woman? thanks.