Kaddish Minimum and Kaddish "Inflation"

My question is whether there is a minimum amount of Kaddishes to say each day during the mourning period for a parent to fulfill one’s obligation?

Is it once per Tefillah? Once Per Day? Do I need at least one Kaddish Yatom and one Kaddish D’Rabbanan per day/per Tefillah.

Sometimes, it may be difficult to be part of a Minyan or find a Minyan without “going through hoops” (like driving for a couple of hours).

I’ve also noticed that depending where I am, the Minyan could have anywhere between 2 to 6 times when a Kaddish for mourners is said in a single Tefillah.

Thank you.

You do not have to go through hoops, as you say to say Kaddish at a minyan. That being said, every time you are successful in praying in a minyan and the Kaddish is available you surely should say it. Each instance is a merit for the soul of the departed. (This is an important point, because the neshama thirsts for merit but can no longer perform anything towards that end. Only what we do down on this world for its sake).

By available, I mean for example, if the shul has a (halachicly correct) policy that only one person says Kaddish at a time, and you are able to request a Kaddish from the gabbai then you should.