Kahlua Kashrut? Hashgacha?

Shalom and thank you for your wonderful service of the Pesach list every year. I see Kahlua is listed as kasher for Pesach, yet I was unable to find out general kashrut information about it even for year round. The Kahlua website doesn’t say anything about kashrut/hashgacha, and the CRC liquor list labels it “not recommended.” A Google search brings various articles from various years about Kahlua going on and off hashgacha. Could you please confirm Kahlua’s kashrut status, and if it varies by product or bottling factory. Thank you.

There has never been a Jewish Law that requires kosher certification of products. You are starting your question with a false premise. Since Moshe till the start of the OU there was no such requirement of Kosher certification.

Kahlua was Kosher and never became unkosher.
There is no pig or beef or catfish in the ingredients. Halacha states specifically what is prohibited and Kahlua doesn’t contain any of that. So, beteiavon, enjoy.

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