Kashering a metal and plastic tea kettle

I am staying in an Airbnb. Is it possible to kasher a regular tea kettle?

Make sure it wasn’t used in 24 hours, clean it, fill it with water and cook it till it boils then empty and pour cold water in it


Why would you assume anyone used it for anything but water maybe some herbs or medicinals

How likely could it be they were distilling brandy with it or something like that, not likely right?

Your point is well taken.

Nevertheless the question was how to, not does one need to.
So on the assumption that the questioner had a reason to ask , it was answered in that vein.

Also I thought we Sfardim don’t wait 24 hrs. and your can kasher a clean vessel right away.

I never heard of that. Maybe you’re confusing that with Kashering thru libun in an oven

Could also be kashering tam heter. M’ikkar hadin, the blios into the water and then back into the kli would be nat bar nat deheteira, so no need to wait for it to become pagum.

If it’s tam heter , it wouldn’t need to be kashered at all. So suffice it to say that anything the NEEDS to be kashered needs 24 hrs as well

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Thanks for clarifying that