Kashering ceramic cups

Got a question… I retired from the Navy over 20 years ago. While in I acquired and used two coffee cups. This was before I became frum. The cups were used mostly for coffee or tea, but occasionally, I drank soup out of them. Other than using them as penholders and paperweights all these years, I was wondering if after all this time, they might be usable for beverages. I don’t think so, but a bunch of my friends were discussing this and one of them quoted a twelve month rule where the cup has not been used for any food. I’m skeptical. Any opinions?

12 months wouldn’t help for this.

Ceramic can’t be koshered. However, some ceramic is dipped in a glass glaze and doesn’t absorb anything.

Assuming is not glazed, could you put a hole in the bottom (so it’s no longer a Kli) and then seal that up?

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That’s a great idea that would work for tuma. It won’t help for unkosher foods. However I would assume that the soups that were put into these cups, came from a ladle that was put into a soup pot that was off the fire. In that case it wouldn’t be an issue. Otherwise if you poured straight out of a boiling soup pot into the cups, it would be unkosher. However if you’re Sephardic, then these cups would still be ok because the main/usual/majority use, is for coffee and tea which from your question, it sounds like they were always kosher.

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