Kashering items on erev pesach or on pesach

If I go visit a relative that didn’t kasher some items, can I kasher those items for him on pesach or on erev pesach after the time for eating chametz has passed?

Use Libun. It’s very simple, doesn’t need 24 hours, and works fine on Erev Pesach and chol hamoed.

what if I’m kashering his pots and pans that require hagalah?

Libun works on pots that need hagalah

but per a previous post, not all pots and pans can withstand libun

That’s correct. Then make sure to kosher them before Pesach

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thanks, can it be done on erev pesach (before yom tov starts but after the time for eating chametz has passed?) I have an extenuating circumstance this year, where I have a temporarily disabled relative and need to go set him up. I’d rather take care of my own things first and then go early afternoon to take care of his things.


Lechatchila, can I kasher my sink and microwave on hol hamoed if they are completely cleaned before Passover? I’m going to be away from home until hol hamoed.

Sink is fine. Doesn’t need koshering.
The microwave should he taken care of before Yom Tov