Kashering "Stoneware"

Can “Stoneware”, which is actually ceramic fired at extremely high temperature, be kashered? Food (bread, pizza, etc.) is actually baked on it directly. Can it be considered a form of glass?

The stoneware we see around here is glazed, coated with a glasslike substance. It is treated as glass in reference to Kashering. It’s very different than the stoneware of the olden days that the liquid would seep right through.

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The person who is asking has the manufacturer’s information, where it says that it is unglazed, but produced at sufficiently high heat (2,000 degrees) to make it non porous. Can this be considered glass? If not, would putting it into an oven for half an hour be sufficient, similar to the “filling with coals” mentioned in poskim for Pesach?

If it’s non-porous it is like glass.

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Can we apply this to all our pots nowadays that they are non-porous and therefore treated like glass and would not require kashering?

The metals are not considered like glass.