Kashering Teflon pot and pan

  1. For the teflon pan, would i just make sure its clean, heat on stovetop for 3-4 min til hot (the water sprinkle test)?

  2. For teflon pot, would I just fill the pot with an inch of water and just steam it up with the cover on, and rinse with cold water?

Does Teflon have a different status than stainless steel, with regards to kashering?


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Would work fine as you described



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Not really.

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So in that case, that Teflon is different, and I have an electric pressure cooker similar to the Instant Pot only difference is with the inner pot being Teflon coated - how would I kosher it?
Pot is used as steamer, pressure cooker, saute, and keep warm.

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Steam it up with just water

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As always, hagalah should be done after not using it for chametz for 24 hours.

In another post I see that a pan requires libun? Hagala is obviously much easier. Which is correct? Thanks!

There is a difference between pans and pots.

Pots are usually used with water and the food cooked where as pans are usually for frying without water.

That is why pots use hagalah and pans require libun.

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