Kashering Teflon pot and pan

  1. For the teflon pan, would i just make sure its clean, heat on stovetop for 3-4 min til hot (the water sprinkle test)?

  2. For teflon pot, would I just fill the pot with an inch of water and just steam it up with the cover on, and rinse with cold water?

Does Teflon have a different status than stainless steel, with regards to kashering?


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Would work fine as you described



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Not really.

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So in that case, that Teflon is different, and I have an electric pressure cooker similar to the Instant Pot only difference is with the inner pot being Teflon coated - how would I kosher it?
Pot is used as steamer, pressure cooker, saute, and keep warm.

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Steam it up with just water

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As always, hagalah should be done after not using it for chametz for 24 hours.