Kashering your kitchen

It’s going around that after you boil things you can’t use them for 24 hours even the sink. I never heard this before. Do you have guide for Kashering the kitchen?

It’s actually the opposite. You cannot boil something that was used for non-kosher until you wait 24 hours.
We had those laws posted. Not sure what happened. I will find out and repost it.

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Also so there is no real need to pour hot water all over the counters to kasher the kitchen all that needs to be done is to clean throughly with a cleaning detergent?

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Is this because your waiting for the status to become non ben yomo?

If so why? If it’s all about us not tasting the unkosher food then why can’t you just clean it with soap and you won’t be able to taste the Tam any more?

Counters don’t need boiling water. Just clean well with whatever you normally clean them with. Correct.

The fact that after it is past 24 hours and you still have to kasher it means there’s more than just getting rid of the flavor.
You get rid of the flavor to avoid eating non-kosher food. Additionally, we are required to kasher something if it was not kosher. Or if used for chametz. Or dairy or meat. This helps keep our dishes and pots safe and forces us to be watchful.

Sorry to just be clear is there a need to wait 24 hours before I kasher a stove.

Like if I visit my family who doesn’t keep kosher and I want to Kasher the electric stove would I have to wait 24hrs? Or is it sufficient to Kasher it on the spot?

No! This wouldn’t get hagala, which needs the 24 hour wait (which either way cannot be done on Pesach). A stove needs to be cleaned very well and then if grates look dirty, to be safe turn on the burners for a few minutes to burn out any food particles on them. This is only needed on Pesach.

Awesome thanks!!!

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On oven doesn’t need to be self cleaned?

Don’t know how you understood that.

An oven has to be made kosher for Passover if you plan to use it.

It can be done by self clean, or by reaching the highest temperature for a period of 30 minutes.

How can I kasher a glass top stove?
And can I adjust the “flame” on yom tov like a gas burner?

For a glass stove top, just clean very well. If you have warmed bread directly on the glass, then you would need to also turn on all the burners on the highest setting for a few minutes.

Regarding adjusting the flame on yom tov, you can adjust for cooking purposes only, so for example after you put the pot on the flame, then you may adjust accordingly.