Kirkland grape juice

Are they kosher? Can they be used for kidush?

Can’t get solid info

Ok, thanks

I remember in the past it was stated here that all grape juice was fine. What info here would put this one into doubt?

There’s no rule that grape juice is always Kosher. It’s a case by case basis depending on the exact process used in a particular plant.

Is that the same if grape juice is an ingredient in another drink like fruit punch or grapefruit juice etc…? I thought many times it was asked and it was considered mevushal etc…

Yes, there are a multitude of variables. When its an ingredient even if its problematic in its own right, it may yet be permissible in a mixture.

That’s why the golden rule with any grape juice product would be to ask.

ya, I thought R. Abadi’s position was that grape juice in USA is mostly cooked, thus rendering the issue of ‘yayin nesech’ no prob, and besides that, even real yayin nesech
only needs 6x its volume to be nullified, not the 60x normally needed to nullify real non-kosher.
So, candies with g.j. like skittles were good, juice drinks, etc.
Now, with the old site destroyed, we’ll need to re-ask some of this stuff!