Kirkland Salmon

Is fresh Kirkland salmon with the skin on (fillet though) ok? I believe it’s packaged in Costco itself, but I’ve heard that fish mislabelling is not as big an issue with salmon. Is this salmon ok?

With the skin on its ok

The skin on the bottom is still on. They cut it in half and remove the bones, etc. But the fish is not whole. No problem?

If the package says Salmon and it looks like salmon and still has the skin on then it is ok even though it’s only a piece of fillet.

Is fillet steelhead with skin from Costco ok? Also fresh, but the skin is indeed visible on one side.

If the skin is on its ok

The OU allows salmon even without skin. See here:

Is there a concern that the equipment or knives used to cut the salmon would have oil residue from non kosher fish or seafood?

Please let me know if there is an article or Sefer by rabbi abadi to read more on this topic

Thank you

Rinse the fish before cooking.