Kirkland Shreded Mozzarella

Kasher for Pesach ?image

This food product contains cheese, and as such needs to be Gevinat Yisrael,

That is, the cheese has to be made with the physical involvement of the Rabbi/Mashgiach etc. Nevertheless It does not need to be made from Chalav Yisrael milk.

Product is marked Tablet K on the front. The original question still stands. Thank you.

We are not familiar with the method* used to certify the cheese. Therefore all cheeses need to be Gevinat Yisrael all the time.
And so, if we can not recommend it all year round, we can not recommend it for Passover either.

*(Kosher Cheese needs to be curdled or made into cheese by a jew. That is, he needs to be the one that puts the rennet or other “davar Hamamid” into the mix. Hechsher organizations rely on certain leniencies and we have not been able to verify what those leniencies are. Therefore its impossible for the Rav to say its acceptable.)