Kix on Pesach

Kix ok for Pesach?

whole grain corn, corn meal,sugar,corn bran,salt,brown sugar syrup, baking soda,vitamin E

thank you

kosher for passover for sephardim

Acceptable for Pesach 2019?


Yes. Same. Thx

Hi Rabbi,

Is this still good for 2021?

Thank you!

Yes, if the ingredients haven’t changed, Kosher for Passover for Sephardim

Kix cereal Ok for 2023?


Kix is on our Passover list.

Is this Kosher for Passover this year?
New note on box: “may contain wheat ingredients”

Kosher for pesach for sephardim

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Curious why this is ok if it says may contain wheat ingredients?

May contains is just a disclaimer but it doesnt actually contain wheat in the ingredients.

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