kosher food items in Starbucks

I am confused. When I filter the products list on to view food items, only 3 items show up as being kosher - classic whole grain oatmeal, megpies and hippeas. But there is a question on the forum about bagels, and the response is that as long as the bagels are not warmed up in the store they are kosher. Also, someone mentioned to me that starbucks has many kosher food items. Are there other food items sold in starbucks, other than the 3 listed above, that are kosher?

Many of the foods sold in Starbucks are not kosher. Some of the pastries are kosher.

The issue is that Starbucks puts the kosher and non-kosher items together on the same plates at the same time and that causes issues. They also use the same utensils to handle the non-kosher and kosher at the same time without cleaning.

Therefore we decided not to mention the pastries on the website to avoid confusion with all the details.

If there is a pastry you want you can always ask the barista to see the original packaging for a kosher symbol or for the ingredients list. If it’s kosher you can enjoy it directly from the packaging. People do this all the time and the baristas are happy to accommodate.

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