Kosher lights on Shabbos

What are the halachic justifications for using products such as the Shabbulb on Shabbos and how does it differ than the kosher lamp?

What is it? How does it work?

The shabbulb is a light bulb that gose in to any fixture. It has a handful of LED’s on the bulb and then there’s a cover that comes off that has wholes that gets covered when you slide a lever. Seems like a similar concept to the kosher lamp.

For specifics and comparisons you would need to contact the manufacturer. For the halachic aspects, we’ll if there’s no Melacha being done by you and no derabanan, sounds like you’re good.

Based on what I’ve heard, I believe they are LED light bulbs that have a small movable cover built into the glass part of the bulb.

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I did some more searching and from what i understand it appears that both products are very slimier in to how they work and the main thing to keep in mined is the Halachus of Muktza as you should not move the lamp or bulb.

Both Manufacture have web pages that give a much better explanation then i can on the Halchus and how the products work.

Moving the lamp or bulb may not be a muktzah issue, as it is not fire.