Lea and perrins Worcestershire

Kosher for Pesach for all


Thank you for all your hard work making less work for us!!

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I saw elsewhere that vinegar may be a problem but it is allowed here. What is rule to follow when looking a product with vinegar?

If there’s vinegar, please ask.

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Will do. Thanks!

But your list says that when we see vinegar as a product ingredient it is permissible. I’m confused.

“Vinegar” alone is ok. Vinegar with an adjective might not be. That’s why I suggest that people ask. Avoid confusion

Is this good for 2019?

Not sure. We need to confirm the source of the vinegar. It can change from year to year.

Is this good for 20? Just checked label is the same. Ty!

Hi, for Passover, vinegar may be an issue. Try contacting the company and asking what the source of the vinegar is.

Ok will do. Does it mean anything if it says gluten free?

Gluten free can sometimes help in determining if a product contains Chametz, but with his issue, it does not.

Np. I’ll buy the kosher brand listed. Ty!