Lift and cut shavers

Pretty suprised that no one has asked this yet/
Are lift and cut shavers allowed?


do you have to modify them at all? need a hechsher. also woukd you mind explaining the reason please? thanks

You do not have to modify.

There is a shield so it is not an issue.

why isnt it mispraiim ceein taar

why isnt it haschasa derech giluach

Because there is a shield that blocks the skin of your face from touching the actual blades. A “taar” is only prohibited when it touches your face. So regardless of how well the shaver shaves does not therefore constitute an issur.

What about the Norelco One Blade ?


This is fine. There is a shield separating the cutting blade from the skin.

So we can use the Norelco OneBlade directly on our faces without the attachments shown in the picture?

Here is a description of how the “blade” works: As you move the trimmer head along your face, the hairs will fall between the teeth of the comb and get cut by the rapidly oscillating blades. The green tips are a protective coating that appears to help prevent irritation that is normally caused by a metal comb being dragged along your skin.

Correct. Norelco one blade is the same as any other shaver.

What parts of the head, body and face are permitted for men with an actual taar, a k’in taar, and just to trim?

The only areas that are prohibited are the face. The back of the head and body are permitted.

Can one shave their head with this razor as well?

Not entirely. There are areas of the head which are forbidden to shave with a razer.

Here is a website with an interesting video explaining many of the laws pertaining to use of a razor and the exact locations of the head.

According to the video, you have to leave the payos area at least 3mm long. Is the ruling that when there’s a shield it’s not a problem applicable to the payos area?

The Rav never wanted to give an exact measurement like #2 or #3 but it is around that area. Maybe @Yisrael.Kleinhendler has a clearer length from the Rav.

The shield does NOT help for payos.

Even regarding beged isha?

I don’t understand your question.

See Ohr Yitzchak.