Maple Syrup

Is all 100% pure maple syrup kosher in the Us and Canada?



I don’t know if it matters in terms of kashrut, but I remember hearing that it was or is a practice at some maple syrup manufacturers to use lard-lined vats to prevent it from boiling over (or something like that). Apologies if this is wrong.

If they do not list the lard on the ingredients panel, it means there’s an insignificant amount of lard in the finished product. This means it’s kosher.
Additionally, if there was a slight taste of lard it would be ok anyway since it’s providing a bad flavor. No one wants to taste lard in their maple syrup.
But don’t worry … there’s no lard flavor in your 100% maple syrup.


This is similar to a claim that was made about olive oil in the time of the Ram”a. He wrote an extensive Teshuva debunking the entire thing. The same applies here.


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There is a great post from a Jewish maple syrup chef you can read here to learn more about that Halakhic myth.

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