Matonos Laevyonim

Can Matonos Laevyonim be given from Maaser money?


How much is the minimum amount to give?

There’s no minimum amount.

Hello Rabbi,
If Matanot Laevyonim cannot be given from the Maaser account, how is the Maaser account to be used?
Thank you.

General Tzedaka throughout the year. Maaser is a custom to take 10 percent of your income and donate it to Tzedaka such as Yeshivot, Schools, Hatzalah, Poor of the community, Chesed orginazations etc. Matanot Laevyonim is a specific obligation to be done on Purim day and directed to poor people only. They are mutually exclusive.

I have heard of a practice where people give the minimum amount for Matanot Laevyonim and then top it up with Maaser in order to make the amount larger. What would the Rav say about this. I know he doesn’t like “tricks.”

Many thanks. !

Thats not a trick and is allowed. Once you have fulfilled your mitzvah of Matanot Levyonim, anything extra is regular Tzedaka. You can choose to use your maaser money for that.

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