McCormick’s Montreal Steak Seasoninh


Is McCormick’s Montreal Steak Seasoning Kosher for Passover. It is OU. Ingredients are:
Salt, garlic, spices (including black pepper and red pepper), onion, sunflower oil, natural flavor and extractives of paprika.


Kosher for Pesach for All


Thank you Rabbi! Is sunflower oil ok for Ashkenazim in general or simply in this product? Also, I have a son who needs to eat kitniyot on pesach for health reasons. My family and I are Ashkenazim. Can we cook his food in pesach pots and in my kp oven without any impact on my own Ashkenazic practices and standards? Thank you!


Sunflower oil is ok for Ashkenazim, but I’m sure many don’t eat it anyway. However in the above product, the sunflower oil is less than 50% of the product and therefore Batel.

In regards to your son…
Please please please, be very cognizant that this is only a Minhag and clearly would not have been instated today. Many Rabbis suggested that they would consider canceling it. If a person cannot do this Minhag for health reasons, I applaud you for feeding him kitniyot.

Keilim are fine. After they’re cleaned you can reuse them for Pesach stuff. If you’re not sure about something, err in the direction of making your son more comfortable.