Meat equipment with dairy food

Can I drink milchig coffee while eating cookies that have 100% parve ingredients but were cooked in a fleishig baking sheet?

how about a better question. Can you dunk that cookie into your hot coffee?

But first a question for you.

When you baked those cookies, was the baking sheet used for meat within 24 hours of baking the cookies?

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I don’t believe the baking sheet had been used for meet within 24 hours.

Then it’s not an issue

Can I cook these cookies intentionally on meat equipment to later eat with dairy foods? Or is this only allowed after the fact

In the above case when the meat baking sheet was not used within 24 hours (and obviously is free and clear of any meat residue on it) then it would be permissible to bake pareve cookies on it with the intention to eat it with milk.

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Is that just for baking or does that apply for o all meat utensils (pots, frying pans, Pyrex roasting pans) - that parve stuff cooked in a meat utensil that hasn’t been used for 24 hours can be eaten with milk?

All of the above

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