Melting cheese on Shabbat

Hi, is it allowed to melt cheese on bread on shabbat?

Oven was set on Shabbat mode from Friday


Shabbat mode on an oven is a setting to make sure the oven doesn’t shut off after a few hours.

One may not place anything inside an oven or warming drawer that is more 120 degrees fahrenheit.

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I thought as long as oven is not Yad Soledet Bo, one can put (cooked) food in to warm. Meaning if I can use my bare hands to remove the food/and or cooking dish and eat straight away. I’ve never had an oven that went down to 120 degrees.

You are correct that as long as food will never reach yad soledet you would be permitted, nevertheless the criteria is not whether or not you can touch it with your hands.

The Gemara says the correct litmus test would be if that water (that was warmed ) would burn the belly of an infant. Therefore that is much less than your hand. In any event, modern day Poskim have thankfully determined a temperature, as stated above, that is easier to gauge.

As to the statement that ovens don’t go down to 120, you are probably correct there as well, that is why I have never heard anyone be matir to put food into an oven.

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