Mezuza for terrace

I have a terrace in my apartment that is about 22’ wide and between 6’-10’ deep depending on which side. There is a sliding glass door leading to the terrace from the apartment with no exit from the terrace to outside. The terrace has wood planks (almost like a fence) on 3 sides and glass on the side facing the apartment so it’s enclosed. No roof above the terrace. Giving all these details in case it makes a difference. I previously was told that I needed a mezuzah by someone (but they are not Sephardic) and was told to put it on the right side when entering the terrace on the outside part of the post. Weather conditions caused the mezuzah to fall and I just got it checked. I just want to make sure that according to Sephardic Halacha, I do indeed need to put a mezuzah up and if so, I want to make sure I’m putting it in the right spot. Thanks in advance and sorry for the long post.

Yes on outside right side as you’re going into house. If your door opens out then you can put the Mezuza on inside side of door frame

With or without a beracha?