Mezuzah Question

Hi. I recently moved and I want to know if the following rooms need need mezuzos.

  1. Laundry room / boiler room. It is 11 feet long and 5’1” wide. Half the width(31”) is tiled and we walk on that. The other half the width is filled with boilers , pipes and washer/dryer and is not walked on. Does it need a mezuzah ?
  2. Coat closet which has a whole area in the back for storage which is low ceiling and we can’t stand in that part.the closet itself where coats are hung has a normal ceiling where one can stand and is 38”x34”. You then can bend down and enter a large area where we can’t stand and it is 6’4” x 8’2”. Does this coat closet need mezuzah ?
  1. That room does not need a mezuzah. However you may need a mezuzah coming out of that room into the room it opens into if that room is big enough.

  2. No need.

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The room that the laundry room opens into is a hallway. The hallway is 18’x 3’. The hallways then leads into a large living room.

Does the laundry room need a mezuza going out into the hallway ?
Thank you !