Mezuzot Laws in Israel

What are the laws regarding taking down mezuzot when moving to a new apartment in Israel (both old and new apartments are rented, with a Jewish landlord)
Can all of the mezuzot be taken down when moving out? Do I need to leave just one on the front door? Do they all need to be re-checked every time we move?

Mezuzot should be left on the old apartment unless you know a non-jew will be moving in, or they will be doing maintenance like painting and taking them off anyway. Or some other reason why it would be a lack of respect to leave them on.
You can charge the landlord or next renter for them.

If you do take the mezuzot you don’t need to recheck them unless you suspect there’s been damage.

The new tenants are moving in a few days after we move out, so there will be a few days before they put up their mezuzot. (They are bringing their own mezuzot.) We need our mezuzot for our new place.
Can we take down the mezuzot before they put theirs up?
What should we do in this case?

If they are bringing their own you can take them when you move.