Mikvah question

Shalom rav, so we are gonna be away for awhile in a place where there is no jewish mikvah for women within 2 1/2 hour drive. Is there any suggestions the rav can make? Specificly i had in mind either:

  1. use of a inground pool or hot tub/jeccuzi. What would i have to make sure before using?
  2. can i purchase a large inflatable hot tub and connect it to the basement of my home and fill it with snow from outside without using a kli?
    I"d appreciate any help in this matter. P.s. its too cold to dunk in the ocean :blush:

A pool would be ok if you can ascertain how it was filled up. If it was empty and then filled up from the faucet directly or with a garden hose from a faucet, that would be ok.
The same goes for a large jacuzzi or hot tub, the kinds that are made for several people. It must be large enough for her complete body to comfortably be immersed completely underwater all at one time.

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Thanks! Quick qustion, does the pool have to be built into the building/ground, or can it be portable? Thanks!

Cannot be portable. But it can be an above ground pool that is made to be attached upon installation.

Hi Rabbi,

Does the water not have to be a percentage of rainwater? Wouldn’t any indoor/outdoor pool then suffice?

It’s the first 40 Sa’ah that’s the key. So if you put rainwater or faucet water for the first water then you can add 1000 gallons of any water thereafter.

Shalom Rav,
Is there any place where the HaRav Yitzhak Abadi elaborates on this?

I could only find this in Or Yitzhak photos

This is the only place my father discusses this in his sefer. I’m assuming you’re wondering how that fits with the answer given earlier in this thread.
What Aaron was alluding to was, its very hard to find a pool that you know was done correctly. Of course a private pool is easier, but still complicated. Many pool companies clean up the last bits of dirt on the walls using pails of water and soap. Then water goes into pool from either rain or hoses. Then the dirty soapy water gets cleaned through the filter. However the first water that came into pool was from the pails, which renders the pool unkosher for a mikva. It doesn’t make a difference how much water was put in afterwards.
A jaccuzzi is also complicated, because the whole body, without curling up into a pretzel, including hair has to be under the water at one time. Thats hard to do unless you’re chasidish, so you shaved your head. Of course for utensils that need to be toiveled/dipped, a jacuzzi would be ideal, especially on a vacation in nowhere land.


This is mind blowing to me. Where can I be מעיין more in the sources at to garden hose being permissible?

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Shulchan Aruch 201 YD would be a good place to start

Thank you.

How do we define מים שאובים?

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You can start with water the was contained in a vessel. (Example-pail)

Thank you so much for the site. I’m reading this Mikva thread and I’m wondering if you can help me out. I see there’s some cute or sarcastic answers recently, but I believe I need this. My wife is a nurse in the ICU dealing with COVID-19 patients and they won’t let her in the Mikva.

What is the proper way for this to work?

Ouch! That’s a tough situation. I guess if anything qualifies as a Bidieved, this would. As this is a complicated process, please email me with a good time to talk and we’ll go over the process. Chaimyabadi@gmail.com