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Kosher Dairy

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"At this time, Feastables does not have a Kosher certification for our products.

We know there is a lot of interest for a Kosher certification and we are working on meeting those standards with our manufacturer, however we do not yet have a timeline for when this will be completed."

From their website posted this past November

Yet, its still Kosher Dairy.

All the ingredients are kosher. Kosher certification does not make it kosher, it merely lets you know its kosher.

Even though what you say is true, there is a Halacha that even someone Jewish that is selling you a food they must have a Hechsher, קל וחומר a non Jew who is selling to you should need one.

Where is this halacha you speak of?

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I believe its in the sefer בית הלל סימן ס"ה towards the end.

So its not in the gmeora, rambam, tur, shulchan aruch, etc. ?

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