Muktzeh status of objects coming from outsede of techum

I have seen contradictory things regarding objects sent from outside the techum. Some sefarim say it is considered “nolad”, and may not be handled until after Shabbat or Yom Tov. In other sefarim, I have seen that this applies only when a non Jew sends food to a Jew. For that Jew it is muktzeh, lest he ask a Gentile directly, but is permitted for other Jews to eat.If I receive a seferor the like in the mail, can I handle it on Shabbat? I have searched for years for something definitive on this topic, but have come up with nothing.

It is worthwhile to ask on a case by case basis, but generally if it is an item that is permissible to receive and to use on shabbos/yom tov and you in fact want to use it, then it would be permissible. The reasoning is that the item was most probably inside the thechum before shabbos.

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