NEW - App to instantly know if it's kosher

Hi All,

Did you know that most food products you see while shopping are actually kosher? And most of these kosher products are kosher for Pesach as well…

Over the years we’ve been asked millions of questions (literally) about which products are kosher and which not.

So you’re shopping and see a product you want. You snap a picture of the ingredients and post your question on the Ohel Torah forum. The moderators do some research and you receive a response hours or days later. That’s annoying.

Now imagine instantly knowing whether something is kosher while you are still holding the product in your hand without taking pictures or waiting hours for a moderators response.

Help us bring this dream to life!

We are working on an app that will bring you instant answers so you can know which products and ingredients are kosher.

  • No more snapping pictures of ingredients.
  • No more need to post your ingredients question on the forums.
  • No more wanting for a moderators response.
  • No more leaving the store without the kosher products.

We need $43k to complete development of the Android and iOS apps.

Please help us with your generous donation!


Your donation will help thousands of Jews across the country eat kosher and make their lives easier.

Thank you!
Ralph Lasry


Just donated. This will be so helpful. Ty


Can this App also incorporate products and the issue of Hadash and Yashan? (especially since it will be as easy and instantly)


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Just curious, how do you think this will work? Will the app let people scan barcodes to see if a product is kosher?

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There are many options we are exploring right now one of which is to scan the barcode. We will start with something basic and iterate from there based on the users feedback until it’s really amazing.

We need the funds to make this happen. Many have donated already but we have not yet reached our goal to being this project to light.

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Is their a link that can be copied/pasted soo that others can see it and donate as well?

You can share this page

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Just donated and will continue to do so regularly. I love this site and you are always so responsive and informative. Great service to the Jewish community at large.


just donated, and shared. thank you so much for this effort, am so grateful.