New Tekhelet

What is the position of the Rav on this matter?

It’s not Techelet


If you learn the Sugya of Techelet it’s very hard to fit this into the text.

After I looked into the topic it seemed to me tht it definitely is the real techelet,can you please elaborate on why you think it’s nit?

You learnt the Gemara?

Referring to the brand “ptil tekhelet” out of Kfar adumim? Or a different new one?



Well I guess if you did learn the Gemara you would have some serious issues about this. This site is not here for debates.

With all due respect Rav, there are many gedolim who learn the sugiya pro our modern Tekhelet. Rav Mazuz, Rav Belsky, Rav Shechter, etc…


This website is for those seeking to learn and understand how to live their lives through the guidance of Rav Yitzchak Abadi. This site is not here to prove or convince anyone of anything. We are here for those seeking advice and guidance.

There are differing opinions on every Jewish law and one must follow their Rav. This site follows the opinions of Rav Abadi.

Please refrain from posting anything unless you are asking a question for the sake of truly understanding the halachah and to follow it.

Thanks in advance.

To respond to the Tekhelet question, the topic is not a simple one and Rav Abadi holds we still do not know which is the correct Tekhelet. If this was a simple topic we would all be wearing it but look around and notice how less than 1% of people wear it. Every few years someone else comes along with another dye that everyone becomes convinced is the original Tekhelet until the next one comes out.

You should follow you Rav and seek his guidance. This is not a place for this debate.


Not looking for a debate or continue the current debate. Just curious. What is Rav Abadi’s opinion about someone who wears murex trunculus (the one that is currently very popular) and thinks its techelit? Is he not fulfilling any mitzvah (even just the regular mitzvah of tzitzit)? Or does he say that it “ruins” the regular mitzvah that everyone is performing?

Full disclosure: I wear only regular white tzitzis.

It’s great that you’re not looking for a debate on the subject. Neither am I.
Best idea is to not wear any Techelet. So kudos to you.
We have no evidence that these Techelets are legitimate. If you look at the Gemara and you look at the fish that they’re using, it’s difficult to connect the two.

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If it is the real one we have gained a mitsva deorayta ,What is there to lose?

I would like to offer another possible answer to your question.

If it is in fact as you say then why wouldn’t all the modern day Poskim follow your logic and wear techlet, when in fact the great majority have rejected any of the techelet.

Additionally, perhaps your question would have merit had it been a safek which way to go, but in fact these dyes do not fit the explanation given in the Gemara or Rambam. And so there isn’t even a doubt as to their veracity, and therefore no benefit in wearing them.

Would the Rav say to one that is wearing this tzitzis, that he should switch back to regular, all-white, or he could continue to wear what he is wearing?

Switch back.

I don’t fully understand that response. I accept that HaRav Abadi doesn’t believe it to be authentic, but to say that it is inauthentic because otherwise there would be complete agreement amongst poskim seems like a strange argument. Much of HaRav Abadi’s psak is not in agreement with all contemporary poskim, that doesn’t mean it’s incorrect!
And Rav Shachter, Rav Ben Haim, Rav Mazuz and many poskim have accepted Tekhelet as real, but that doesn’t mean HaRav Abadi has to agree.

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No disrespect to any Rabbi who approves a particular “blue” as techelet. The focus here is that Rabbi Abadi doesn’t have a “chashash” that these are Techelet. That’s the bottom line here. No need to turn this political and take sides. As mentioned earlier in the thread. Those looking to follow Rabbi Abadi’s guidance have a clear psak. Those who follow another Rav - Bekavod Gadol. There’s nothing else to it.