New Tekhelet


What is the position of the Rav on this matter?


It’s not Techelet


If you learn the Sugya of Techelet it’s very hard to fit this into the text.


After I looked into the topic it seemed to me tht it definitely is the real techelet,can you please elaborate on why you think it’s nit?


You learnt the Gemara?


Referring to the brand “ptil tekhelet” out of Kfar adumim? Or a different new one?






Well I guess if you did learn the Gemara you would have some serious issues about this. This site is not here for debates.


With all due respect Rav, there are many gedolim who learn the sugiya pro our modern Tekhelet. Rav Mazuz, Rav Belsky, Rav Shechter, etc…



This website is for those seeking to learn and understand how to live their lives through the guidance of Rav Yitzchak Abadi. This site is not here to prove or convince anyone of anything. We are here for those seeking advice and guidance.

There are differing opinions on every Jewish law and one must follow their Rav. This site follows the opinions of Rav Abadi.

Please refrain from posting anything unless you are asking a question for the sake of truly understanding the halachah and to follow it.

Thanks in advance.

To respond to the Tekhelet question, the topic is not a simple one and Rav Abadi holds we still do not know which is the correct Tekhelet. If this was a simple topic we would all be wearing it but look around and notice how less than 1% of people wear it. Every few years someone else comes along with another dye that everyone becomes convinced is the original Tekhelet until the next one comes out.

You should follow you Rav and seek his guidance. This is not a place for this debate.