Non kosher Fish store

Can a kosher fish be purchased raw at a non kosher fish store ? And why?

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Yes you can buy kosher fish in a non kosher fish store provided there are still some scales on the fish. If the fish has been completely fillet then you do not know which fish it really is.
The reason you do not need to be concerned with the knives being used is because you wash the fish again after you bring it home (Darcho Behadacha)

Is there a difference between salmon and other fish? There are many people who buy salmon at Costco even though it is completely filleted.

It’s very hard to confuse salmon with another fish.


hi thank you so much again for your time.

Is it ok to buy plain salmon from a non kosher fish store for Passover. they have a kosher section and kosher knives, but I know they use panko and other wheat products at the store.

No need to worry about the other products in the store. Generally speaking the knives are kept clean and the fish is kept separate from other ingredients.

if you buy fresh salmon filets from a non kosher store do you need to scrape or slice off the edge of the fish, or is it sufficient to rinse it well in water?

Just rinse well.

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