Non mevushal wine

If a goy moved an opened bottle of non mevushal wine but didn’t pour it do I need to throw it away?

It’s fine. Only required to throw out if the goy touched the actual wine or poured the wine.

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If the goy poured a glass for themselves, is what’s left in the bottle kosher?

you mean that if a goy poured wine into a glass, then it is osur, but the wine that remains in the bottle is mutar?

What remains in the bottle is allowed.

please check what is written in אור יצחק ח"א יו"ד ס’ יט

Corrected. Thank you.

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There seems to be contradicting answers on the status of the remainder of non-mevushal in the bottle after a gentile has poured some for himself.
Ralph L said If poured, the wine remaining in the bottle is also assur.
MBitton said What remains in the bottle is allowed.
Please clarify.

We clarified this question with a teshuva from Rabbi Abadi’s sefer. What remains in the bottle is allowed and only what is poured out is assur. This ruling applies to Sefardim as well as Ashkenazim.

The cited teshuva seems to be on chatzitzah for immersions. Is that the right one?

It’s in Chelek 2 siman 19