Non stick ceramic fry pan

I have a non-stick ceramic coated aluminum frying pan that I use generally for meat. After not using it for more than 24 hours, one day I heat it up a pesto sauce that it turned out had parmesan in it. What is the status of the pan? Do I need to throw it out? Can I continue using it for meat? If yes, how? If not, can I use it for dairy now?

Thank you!!

The pan needs to be “Koshered”- Yes, you may continue using for meat afterwards.

Below is a quote from our guide to koshering.

“Frying pans can be koshered by putting it on the fire without anything in it, until it gets pretty hot. 3 to 4 minutes will usually do the trick. No need to burn the pan”.

for greater detail see:

Hi, I was taught that Libun needs to be until the utensil is glowing hot. Is that not true?


Can you please back that up with some kind of source?

So he do we go from an hour in the oven to a few minutes? I don’t think something will burn in a few minutes in a frying pan. I’m just trying to make sense of what I’m reading.

In the teshuvah the one hour was for actual bread in the oven. Even less than an hour will probably render that bread burned to a crisp…

In our case we are talking about a pan that does not have any food in it. We want to burn that which was absorbed. High flame and a few minutes it will be burned. Take a pan and leave it empty on the high flame for 5 minutes and you will see it smoking.

Interesting. Then how would libun kal be classified?