Oat Matzah for Pesach and what Beracha do you make

We have had many questions over the years about using Oat Matzah for the Seder and also what Beracha would you make on it.

Please see the attached.
Wheat vs Oats DNA Study.pdf (1.3 MB)

It is difficult to believe that Oats is one of the 5 grains, as the five grains are expected to be two types of Chittim and 3 types of Se’orim. Oats is not a type of barley nor a type of wheat.

Eating Oat Matzah for the Seder would not accomplish the Mitzva, and the Beracha should be Ha’Adamah.

does that mean one would be able to eat oatmeal on pesach?

People don’t eat oatmeal on Pesach. That’s certainly not the goal of this post.

Notice how Oats have no resemblance to wheat or barley in this picture.


Is oat matza ok for Pesach? Not for sedarim but for other times.

Yes. But the beracha is haadamah

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To clarify, eating kosher for pesach oat matzah is ok on pesach and the bracha is hadamah.

But any other oats on pesach may not be eaten. See more here.

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