Offering food to a Jew who will not make a Bracha ( NBMJ )

Various Situations occur. Could you please address each situation if it is permitted or not .
In each case you are paying and or providing for the food and offering it to the Non Bracha Making Jew (NBMJ)

  1. Buying a coffee or drink or meal in a restaurant
  2. Inviting them as a guest to your simcha( especially non religious relatives)- weddings, barmitzvas, family celebration- whether in your own home or at a hall
  3. Business meetings or events whether in your office or theirs.
  4. Sending a Food gift package
  5. At a Fund raising dinner (Yeshiva or Charity) where your frum Guest of Honor is going to sponsor several tables for all his business associates…most likely including NBMJ

In no case are you “forcing” the person to eat…it is their choice!



This is a difficult question to answer because every situation is different.

In general, you should only give food to someone who you know will make a bracha before eating the food.

See Shulchan Aruch 169.2

What is the definition of “giving food”
…which was the point of the question…
At your home
At a simcha you are paying for ( but not actually handing the food to the guests)
In your office

Does anyone have a definitive answer as a guideline for us all. Since this situation comes up