Omer - haircut - wedding

I am attending a wedding on the eve of May 22nd 2019 (lag baomer). Was wondering if i could get a haircut before the wedding (during the day of the 22nd). If it matters, I am just a guest and not a relative. Thanks!

Sorry. You would have to wait for the 33rd.

Please correct me …My understanding of the first Minhag is not to take a haircut from Pesach until Lag baomer day ( not night). When it falls out on Sunday you may take the hair cut on Friday L’ kovod Shabbos. The question is in this instance for L’kovod Shabbos may you even do it Thursday night? Secondly this year when Lag baomer falls out on Friday (and assuming that normally we would wait for the daytime to take the hair cut) can we do it Thursday night for L’kovod Shabbos? Thank you.

Ashkenazim and Sephardim can take haircuts on lag baomer from nightfall. You do not have to wait until the morning.

Would the same be for music ?


Thank you very much.