Opening Bottle Caps on Shabbat

Is it permitted to open bottle caps on shabbat? Plastic and metal? And why yes or no?

It is permissible. See אור יצחק - קצ״א סימן א

Please explain why there is no issue of קורע by plastic plug caps or ring caps on containers
the teshuva from the Rav addresses עשית פתח
What about קורע in the previous תשובה and posts the Rav prohibits tissues and garbage bags because of קורע please explain the difference

The issue of Koreah is only when one cuts something to a prescribed specific size.
In the case of a bottle cap that is not applicable.

So are you saying that one tear toilet paper or table
cloths not to a prescribed specific size ?

So why dosent the Rav allow tearing garbage bags or table cloths

No. Still assur mederabanan. (i was answering why its not korea by bottle caps. The heter to open is more that that)

Tikkun Manah

Why is tearing toilet papper tikkun mana it is a functional item
Why is that different then opening orange juice with a plastic plug that was never opened


So why dosent the Rav allow tearing garbage bags or table cloths


Tikkun Manah

Isn’t the opening of a METAL bottle cap considered as the completion of the creation of the cap (maakeh bePatish and the G’mar Melochoh of the cap) especially since nowadays the cap starts out as a cylindrical shaped metal piece wider than the bottle top, which is then pressed onto the bottle top, creating its threads and making the cylinder narrower so it hugs the bottle neck tightly.

Thus, the cap before pressing to the bottle is not yet a Kli (cap). After pressing to the bottle, it is still not a Kli since it cannot be opened and closed until you unscrew it for the first time - completing the creation process of making a Kli called “bottlecap”.

Thanks in advance

These are fine to open.

After the holidays we can perhaps give you a detailed answer.