Opti immune vrl immune support vegetable capsule

Are these immune support capsules kosher for Passover ?
The last ingredient opti - blend is described in the second picture to have in the blend oat bran.

If this was prescribed by a Dr it is Ok For Passover for All

It’s not a prescription medicine . A homeopathic dr said it is good to take to keep immune system up especially during the pandemic. I can stop taking them. One prior post said all vitamins are like medicine and not a problem on pesach so I took them. Now I’m concerned I made a mistake.

I assumed I didn’t have to check from this post .
I will stop taking them but should I be concerned that I took some before I realized? I’m a little worried .

It’s not chametz but unless you need to take it you should hold off until after pesach.

Thank you
So I should read all the ingredients on my vitamins and over the counter medicines even pills that you swallow to make sure no chametz?

If doctor prescribed then it’s ok on pesach even if one of the ingredients isn’t kosher for pesach since the ingredient is no longer edible for humans.

However, vitamins that you do not have to take everyday that contain an ingredient that is not kosher for pesach should be avoided until after pesach. They do not need to be thrown out.