Oven question

If there was dairy in the oven at the time i cooked meat, what happens to the meat food and the keilim?

For starters-I’m not sure why you are asking about only the meat and not the dairy.

Secondly were they side by side or one under the other?

Additionally were both or one of them covered? if so, which one?

Sorry, it was a spill of dairy on the rack above and to the side of the uncovered meat,

This is a hard question to answer on a website.

But if I am understanding correctly - there was a spill of dairy from a higher rack downwards to an uncovered meat dish. There are many variables. Was the dairy liquid? How much fell in-Was there 60 times the meat in the lower dish against the milk falling in? was the meat dish liquid or a roast for example? on what part of the the meat did the milk spill? These and possibly more factual questions need to answered before analyzing the halachic ramifications.