Pita Pit Canada: Falafel Salads

Pita Pit in Canada offers salads. Their falafel is certified. Their feta is certified. See pictures. People obviously eat chic peas raw so I assume no Bishul akum issues. One could check their own lettuce. Pita Pit has vegan offerings and only heats the falafel on the “vegan grill” which only touches veggies etc. You could also supervise that it only touches that grill because it is viewable at the front the the store.
Could we eat? Keep in mind this would be when traveling with no other kosher options.

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Everything you said is right, except I’m not sure about people eating chick peas raw.

I often make a bean salad- raw chic peas, kidney beans etc. I’ve seen it used in other applications as well.
And as a small update- their actual pitas are under COR as it so happens.

I guess if you can eat chick peas raw, you’re right about that too. They sell it raw in Mexico and that’s how they eat it. When we buy it here, it’s deliberately dried and temporarily not eaten raw anymore, but prior to drying it, it is eaten that way. Thanks for this question.

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I believe raw chickpeas are unedible, what you probably put in your salad is canned chickpeas which are cooked.

Have you ever tried raw chickpeas? It’s different than dried chickpeas. They sell them on the streets in Mexico and they eat them like peas.

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