Plain Oatmeal

Is plain oatmeal kosher for pesach?

There seems to be some confusion regarding oats. Oats are not one of the five grains. The Gemarah is very clear on the description of “shiboles shual” (which is assumed to be oats) and it does not have any characteristics to oats. Therefore all those that eat oat matza are not fulfilling the mitzva of matzah and additionally are reciting a brocha levatala.

As a result The Rav has ruled that oats do not need to be destroyed (sold) as regular chametz and may still be in your possession. That being said, the Rav never allowed the actual consumption of oats. There is a concept known as “Halacha ve lo Lemaaseh” meaning that in our case even though according to the halacha oats is not hametz its not relied upon to actually consume it on Passover.

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So no oatmeal?