Portable/pop up sukkah

I saw a cheaper alternative to the pop-up/travelling sukkah and was wondering if it was kosher.

Here is the link on Amazon: [Amazon.com: Leader Accessories Pop Up Shower Tent Dressing Changing Tent Pod Toilet Tent 4’ x 4’ x 78"(H) Big Size (1Grey): Sports & Outdoors](Leader Portable Shower)

Here is a video showing how it’s erected. Leader Accessories Pop Up Shower Tent - Privacy/Dressing room/Restroom - YouTube.

Here is the info on the pop-up sukkah: Pop-Up Sukkah - Kosher Spirit

As long as its sturdy enough that it can withstand normal winds, then it is kosher

I just want to check on 2 concerns that came to my attention.

Since the walls are made of fabric, Should it contain a Lavud backup wall, as explained in Rama. From what I see, even the real pop up sukkahs don’t have this or even the canvas sukkahs.

Do I need to place sticks to support the Sechach, since without the sticks it would be supported by material. Is it a problem due to Mamad?

No need for both questions

One more concern. There is a removable skylight. What is the minimum area required for schach?

Approx 28" x 28"