Pre-seasoned Cast Iron Pans

I purchased new cast iron pans from The Field Company. Similar to most (if not all) other cast iron pans, they come pre-seasoned. I asked the company what they use to season the pans and they disclosed that they use two coats of “La Tourangelle” grapeseed oil and a proprietary blend of beeswax (from Bulk Apothecary) and mineral oil (source is undisclosed). Is it OK to use the pan without kashering? I assume if its OK its also OK for Pesach? If not, what is necessary to kasher the pans? Thank you!

Easy to kasher it.
Put it on the fire without anything in it and wait a bit till it gets hot enough. Throw in a few drops of water and watch them boil out and it’s kosher.
I’m assuming preseasoned still doesn’t really add flavor that would make it non-kosher, but unless they give us specifics in writing, I’d be reluctant to rely on that.

Does this apply to koshering a year round pan to use on pesach as well?