Psakim of Rav Abadi

is every question here answered exactly in accordance with the Rav?
Or guesses

Yes, in accordance with Rav Yitzchak Abadi.

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you guys ask everything to the rav?

Yes. What are you getting at here?

sometimes have seen contradictions from what the rav says to what it says here.
i dont h"v mean to offend or anything like that, probably just a misunderstanding while hearing from the rav

  1. Over the years the Rav has changed some of his rulings. Even in the second volume of Ohr Yitzchak you will find several teshuvos where the Rav changes from what he wrote in the first volume. For example, deodorant on Yom Kippur where volume 1 says its a problem and volume 2 says its permitted. It is very likely for someone to have heard a ruling many years ago but did not hear that the Rav has changed his ruling in later years.

  2. The Rav paskens based on each situation for that situation. What may have been told to you for a specific case may not apply to another similar case. So while it may seem like a contradiction it is really just a different scenario.


If one is reading Ohr Yitzchak and wishes to follow his p’sakim, should one clarify with this site in case he changed his mind? Should one always follow the “latter teshuvah” when looking at the 2 volumes written by him?

You do not have to clarify if the Rav changed his ruling unless you heard otherwise.

Always follow the latter teshuvah when looking at both volumes.

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See אור יצחק ב’ ענינים שונים סימן א where the Rav comments on many of his rulings in volume 1.

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