Put food on hot plate for second day YT

If it’s first day yom tov can I put food on the plata (hot plate) for dinner before the second day of yom tov begins if it is on a timer and not yet turned on?

The goal being to have food that is hot right when the second day begins.

Example: Say the second day of yom tov begins at tzeis which is 7:00pm and I have my timer set to turn on at 6:00pm. Can I put food on the plata at 5:45pm?

The problem is Hachana (preparing). Everything you are doing is for the second day, so it would not be allowed


I know it’s permissible to take frozen food out of on YT day one so it can thaw for YT day too. I thought maybe putting food on a hot plate with a timer thats not yet turned on might be similar.

It is a problem to take out frozen food on first day yom tov to defrost for second day yom tov.

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